Pakistan Introduces V-Sink Technology

Pakistan Introduces V-Sink Technology

In the fast Ornament, every action should be rapid, precise and energy efficient. People thoughts but no solutions. We most covered under communication networks, at the cyberspace we are depending and passing information at superhighway but you have limitations at hyperspace. The most reflecting arguments are energy solutions and its less consumptions. The World enveloped himself by potential of layman has reduced.

The quick actions and sudden solutions for long time is our and coming generations biggest demands. Now our prescribed struggle brings a versatile Radio-Packet Solution for daily routine work for Lighting Industry, Schaun Electric introduces Radio Controlling Automation for Home, Street, Office at Low Band architecture (AM) Amplitude Modulation. As AM controlling/travelling area is too high/long with respect to other source of Radio Packets Control systems suck like Wifi or Mifi.

Our Research cut of these parameters (Wifi/Mifi) and introduces new pattern of Key for controlling the home equipped components especially LED Lights and named it V-Sink.

The V-sink pattern is light weight energy waves to send command from master device to other within the ranged devices. The devices are not build under AI(Artificial Intelligent) but the Master Device is the single elements which deals the are other Slave Devices to control and performs there respected functions. The Bounded area can be controlled in Kilometers with assurance the applied operations of Slave Devices from Master. The operations can be performed such like:

  • LDR Controlling
  • Motion Sensing
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Humidity Sensing
  • Co2 Sensing
  • Oxygen Sensing
  • Room Over Capacity Sensing
  • CRI Selection over Temperature
  • Home Auto Locking

V-Sink Pakistan

The one Scenario (LDR) we will introduce for better understanding. A building is equipped outer side with LED Lights, most cases they will turn on in evening but turn off when user awake and saw that its brightness. Actually it should be turn of after Dawn time. The energy has been consumed misleading awake time, we proposed a solution through V-Sink, after Dawn, Master Device send command to other Slave Devices turn off the equipped elements and received a confirmation information about its current condition (On/Off).

Oxygen Sensing: We studied during your Shower time, Wash room has too much gases, which reduce the oxygen level cause de-normalize the body level. V-Sink performs the operation to control humidity and temperature with rich level of Oxygen inside the wash room during bath. Our experiment shows that after shower you bring out with highest level of rich energy from washroom.

The Study invites interesting people (Scholars & PHD Students) to involve their researches inside the V-Sink and add more functionality to facilitate the world. After your interest I will provide you complete mechanize of understanding.

The Research and Article Covers the Copy Rights of Tillu Ash (Founder of Schaun Electric).

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