50 Watt XY4060PF 15×4 Series Constant Current LED Driver

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  • Output Watts: 50W
  • Output Voltage Range: 30-52V
  • Output Constant Current: 1200mA (1.2A)
  • Thermal Shutdown 70°
  • Output CCR Dimming: NO
  • Input Universal AC: 85 – 265VAC, 50/60Hz
  • AC Input:  0.6A 50/60Hz
  • Safety: UL8750, CSA 22.2 Recognized
  • UL Type HL (Hazloc)
  • EMC: FCC, 47CFR Part 15 Class B @120Vac, Class A @ 277Vac
  • Water resistant and Dust Proof: IP67, NEMA4, for Dry and Damp Locations
  • Mounting/Connections: Case mounting holes with flying lead

50 Watt XY4060PF 15×4 Series Constant Current LED Driver

Product Description

Constant Current LED Drivers are known for their easy installation and are preferable because they supply the same amount of current regardless of how many or few lights are connected to it. LEDs work safest and most efficiently with a Constant Current LED Driver.

For many LED applications, it is desirable to utilize constant current drivers. Constant current LED drivers are ideal in that they offer designers more control for applications, providing them with the ability to design displays with almost no variation in brightness across the display.

Schaun Electric constant current LED drivers are high quality.

All of our power supply are CE certified in order to provide best support to your business!

CE :Complies with all the Essential Health and safety requirements from all the directives that applies to our products. With certain product quality control &; verification process.


  • Product name: Constant Current LED Driver (AC-DC)
  • Brand: Schaun
  • High Quality: Isolation Protection with CE Certificate, No Noise, Long Life Span
  • Input: AC85-265V 50/60Hz
  • Output Current: 1200mA/1.2A (Constant)
  • Output Voltage: 30-52V DC
  • Efficiency:more than 90%
  • Size: 116*40*30 (mm) / 4.5*1.57*1.19 (inch)
  • Net Weight: 250g / 8.83oz
  • High Power Factor(PFC):more than 95%

Kindly Reminder:

  1. Please be aware of the positive (anode +) and negative (cathode -) of led products, install accordingly to avoid damage.
  2. Do not exceed the maximum voltage or current,otherwise the led Diode may burn out.
  3. For IP67 Waterproof LED drivers, be able to use in wet & &; rain environment but avoid underwater usage.
  4. Search for “Schaun Electric constant current led driver” for more our led drivers (300mA,450mA,600mA,900mA,1500mA,3000mA,4500mA,6000mA).   50 Watt LED Driver Price in Pakistan 50 Watt LED Driver Price in Pakistan 50 Watt LED Driver Price in Pakistan 50 Watt LED Driver Price in Pakistan
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